About Smartass

The Cal Berkeley Dems had been planning on starting a newsletter for a while, but there never seemed to be the right time to get the ball rolling. Before the election of November 1996, The Daily Californian editorial board endorsed Proposition 209 despite the overwhelming opposition to the ballot initiative by the student body. The voters of California voted to pass Prop 209 thus, ending affirmative action in our state—including for the University of California. Cal Dems felt Berkeley needed a liberal publication on campus for students to turn to for political information and news. Soon The Smart Ass had a name, its own editor-in-chief, and quite a following on campus. The Smart Ass prides itself on its intelligent political analysis, sharp satire, and exclusive interviews.

Today, a crew of about twenty students writes, designs, illustrates, and edits the magazine. We usually publish three issues per year and circulate the issues across the Berkeley campus for free. We are proud to support a local, eco-friendly, small business called Fricke-Parks Press for all our printing needs.

The Smart Ass is an ASUC-sponsored publication.